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For the Love of Cloud

01:55 James Ward

03:20 Heroku

04:21 For the Love of Serverless

05:52 What is Serverless?

09:32 Google Cloud Functions vs Google Cloud

12:24 Usage of the language (NodeJS, Python, Java)

13:05 Datadog report

15:43 What solutions google offers for debugging?

18:53 StackDriver

19:21 Functions framework for Java

20:56 in which case I use the SDK provided by a cloud platform?

21:26 Announce Java 11 on Google Cloud Functions

27:46 James’s blog

29:49 DB connections pools problem

33:05 Stateful serverless

36:35 How do you test cloud apps?

38:02 Testcontainers

42:59 How does GCP relate to Firebase?

45:10 What do you think about Kotlin?

48:26 Exceptions in Kotlin

53:16 GraalVM vs Kotlin Native

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