Programming Love

How to fall in love with GraalVM?

00:36 Oleg Shelaev

01:28 What GraalVM is?

02:26 GraalVM compiler

04:33 History of GraalVM

06:19 What is Native image?

09:19 Dynamic class loading

14:14 Where do we need fast startup and low memory usage?

17:36 We need to jit the JIT

21:28 Community vs Enterprise

26:20 Workshops, advisory board

27:32 Alibaba blogpost

28:49 GraalVM for Clojure

32:57 Scala Native vs Kotlin Native vs Native images

34:52 Graeme Rocher interview

37:17 Tutorial how to create Micronaut application with GraalVM

38:59 How to implement your own language for GraalVM

42:25 JavaScript engine

43:56 Futumara projection

47:11 Official channel to follow GraalVM: subscribe to low traffic for important news about GraalVM, slack,

48:27 Simple language implementation

50:25 benchmarks

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